Holy Shit.

*I wrote this piece late last night, and since then, well, shit’s gone wild wild. GameStop is now up over 150% today including after-market trading, the price currently sits at $218, it was at $17 on January 8th. Elon pumped it, Chamath pumped it, and the float is still short over 130%.

This is, somehow without hyperbole, quickly turning into one of the most fascinating spectacles in Market history, I’m sure someone is pouring ink on a script already. The story is so strange that they might be able to bring Christian Bale back as Micheal J. Burry…

a process, a practice, a framework for productive mutually-beneficial self-interest.

**born as a thread, hence the fragments.

It requires basic ingredients which have, themselves, no set cost; encouraged curiosity, intentional debate, analysis of failure, stimulated competition, constructive criticism, and an open environment which values expression.

Any coherent framework requires a deliberate foundation, you, the individual, need to pour the concrete. This will be incredibly liberating. This process promotes confidence born of resilience. Calloused feet, rigid self-awareness, and lucid analysis.

It is to value life as an object of inquiry, which entails valuation through personal evaluation. A disciplined treatment of objects through equitable scrutiny. The logical end of this process is…

‘Self-Improvement- My Whole World is in Front of Me- Day’

***Posted on a Tuesday, although initially, it was Monday.. not yesterday, previously. Thematically, it’s a Monday piece.

I remember listening to a podcast on the importance of making your bed, we’ve all heard it by now… how doing so every day makes it virtually impossible to allow the rest of your room to become untidy over time. However the psychology works, it sure works for me. I’ve found the same principle applies to the toilet, which I clean for maybe thirty seconds before I shower and essentially means I never have to clean my toilet.

let’s call these ‘don’t allow…

I hope we take time to digest the impact online algorithms are having on the division we see around us. For the past few years it has felt, at times, that I’ve been watching a kind of dystopia born before my eyes, unfolding and dividing in real-time. The way people are fed their preferences, how they become locked into them the more they consume. Wide-scale group-think occurring in divisive pockets. It feels like the scariest issue in the world right now, is that hyperbolic, I honestly don’t know. …

Bruin Alexander

@bruinalexander on Instagram. bruinalexander.com waldengrowth.com waldenlab.com

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